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Primary School

Chestnut Class (Year 2)

Welcome to Chestnut Class: 2020 - 2021

Year 2

Mrs England 

Mrs Ewart Mrs Garrity



Essential things to know in Chestnut Class:


  • We will have PE once a week on a Thursday.  Pupils should come to school in their PE kit, with school sweatshirt and joggers/trainers
  • Phonics will take place every day
  • Children will also have their own home reading books.  Because of Covid, all books will be quarantined on return to school.  We will endeavour to send new books home with 72 hours.  Reading Records will be available on  your child's Showbie account - please comment and sign for home reading activities here.
  • Spelling lists will also be sent home every week for the children to learn ahead of a weekly spelling test which will take place on Friday.




Year 2 (Chestnut) Curriculum Long Term Plan 20-21

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