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The NHS National Immunisation schedule are offering eligible year groups of primary school children the nasal flu vaccine on an annual basis. Your child will be vaccinated during the winter period.


There are some commonly asked questions and answers included on the website below about the flu infection and the vaccination. This includes details about the small number of children for whom this vaccination is not advisable.


Please read and complete either the YES or NO form in full (one per child) within a week. If after returning the consent form your child's health changes or your child moves school please contact our immunisation team on 0333 3583 397



Dear Parent,

If you would like your child to receive the nasal flu vaccine in school please follow this link to complete an online consent form

The vaccinations will take place at your child’s school on 24th November  2020


The link will  close on 12th November  2020.


If your child has already had the Nasal Flu vaccine since Sept 20 please do not complete the form.

 If you have any problems accessing the link please telephone 0333 358 3397 option 6 option 1


Please read the information on the leaflet below.

This flu vaccination is for ALL children.

Please either fill in the YES form or the NO form online at the link above.

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