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Lancashire County Council is the admissions authority for Grange Primary School.


Fuller information is available on their website at



If you need any other help please call Lancashire's Customer Access Service on

0300 123 6707.

When children can start primary school

Children can start reception year at primary school from the September after their fourth birthday. However, by law children don't have to start school until the beginning of the term after their fifth birthday.




These are the dates that children would usually start school and when to apply for a school place:

Child born between Starts primary school Apply between
1 Sep 2016 - 31 Aug 2017 Sep 2021 Sep 2020 - Jan 2021
1 Sep 2017 - 31 Aug 2018 Sep 2022 Sep 2021 - Jan 2022
1 Sep 2018 - 31 Aug 2019 Sep 2023 Sep 2022 - Jan 2023
1 Sep 2019 - 31 Aug 2020 Sep 2024 Sep 2023 - Jan 2024



You can request that your child attends school part-time or defer their starting school until they reach compulsory school age, if that best suits the needs of your child.


You can also request to defer your child's admission until the following school year.

Important Dates

The arrangements for the admission of pupils to primary schools in September 2021 will, as far as possible, conform to the following timetable.


Tuesday 1 September 2020 - Apply from this date


Friday 15 January 2021 - National closing date for primary applications (statutory).

During this period all applications are processed and all preferences are considered against the published admissions policy. Where there are more applications than places available, decisions are made as to which children should be offered the available places. We will liaise and exchange information with all other admission authorities including neighbouring local authorities. The allocation and offer of a primary school place is finalised.


Friday 16 April 2021 - Offers issued to parents*


Friday 30 April 2021 - Deadline for requesting:

Week commencing 3 May 2021 - Distribute appeal forms to parents


Friday 14 May 2021 - Appeal deadline for community and voluntary controlled schools**

1st round of hearings.

For voluntary aided, foundation, free and academy schools, please check with the school directly for their deadline date.


By Friday 9 July 2021
Appeals for community and voluntary controlled schools submitted by the deadline heard by an independent appeal panel

* If you are not happy with an initial offer, the appeals period starts from your receipt of the offer. Appeal information will be issued later as this allows some time for reserve lists to operate.

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