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Fire Safety

Lancashire firefighters and specialist community fire safety staff aim to visit every Year 2 and Year 6 class in Lancashire every year, delivering lessons for each age group which complement any individual school’s safety education programme.

ChildSafe Year 2


This lesson usually lasts one hour and focuses on increasing knowledge about fire risks and awareness of what to do in the event of a fire.

It covers:

  • General fire risks
  • Dangers of matches and lighters – students will watch a film of “Frances the Firefly”
  • What to do if clothes catch fire using the “Stop, Drop and Roll” technique
  • Understanding what a smoke alarm is and the importance of having a working one
  • The importance of having an escape action or fire plan (similar to a fire drill in school) – this is reinforced by the film “Freddie and Filbert’s Fire Plan”
  • Applying an escape action plan through role play and how to call 999


At the end of the lesson classroom materials will be provided and every child will be given a leaflet to take home to help reinforce understanding

RoadSense  Year 6


RoadSense is our new Year 6 road safety package which looks at the transition from primary to high school.

It is an hour long session designed to help pupils to consider how they will travel to their new school safely and plan their route.

It covers:

  • The importance of wearing seatbelts and using appropriate car seats
  • Safe cycling including wearing cycle helmets
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Be safe be seen
  • Not causing a distraction when travelling in a car


Each child will be given a magazine to take home called “Way to Go” to help reinforce understanding at home and get parents involved with planning the transition

For more useful information, including how to keep you and your family safe at home, please visit Lancashire Fire & Rescue website at:

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