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Home-School Agreements

A home-school agreement is a statement explaining:

  • the school’s aims and values
  • the school’s responsibilities towards its pupils who are of compulsory school age
  • the responsibility of each pupil’s parents
  • what the school expects of its pupils.


At Grange Primary School, our motto is 'Together We Make A Difference'.

One of the ways we can work together for the benefit of all our pupils is to use a Home-School Agreement.


This is a simple agreement between the school, pupil and parent which outlines effective ways in which we can agree to work together to foster and maintain respectful and pro-active relationships as your child moves through school.


Each pupil will bring a Home-School Agreement home when they join school in Reception and again when they move into KS2.  Please read through the agreement with your child and discuss it.  Sign it together with your child and return it to school where we will keep it with your child's records.


A copy of the Home-School Agreement is available for reference at the top of this page.

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