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Maple Class (Year 1)

Welcome to Maple Class:

2022 -2023

Year 1

Mrs Marquis-Box         Mrs Rogerson

Mrs Catterall

Here you will find the Long-Term Plan for Year 1 for 2022-23. 

This gives a broad overview of the themes and topics covered in year and relate back to the National Curriculum.

For more details about each subject being taught -  click on the Curriculum page within the Parents Section.

Autumn 2022

We are very excited this half term to do lots of learning and settle into Year One. We are all going to work really hard and have a lovely half term. We can't wait to see you all! Here are just some of the things we are going to be learning in our first half term in Maple Class. 



This term children will learn about the place value of numbers to 20. They will solve a range of number problems using different methods. They will also begin to explore shapes and patterns.

We will also be learning our 2 and 5 times tables. We will send home tips to help your child at home with this. 



English: Phonics

Phonics is essential so we practise it everyday! Children will be learning lots of new phonemes and applying them in reading and writing. Please support your child at home by using the resources on Showbie and play lots of phonics games on 



English: Writing


This term, we are using Talk4Writing to explore traditional tales. We will also be looking at some poetry!



English: Reading


In class, we will be reading lots of stories such as:





In Science this half term we will be learning all about Animals. We will be using our scientific skills to find about all sorts of different animals. We will be finding out where they live, what they eat and how to care for animals in our environment. 



We are going to be globe explorers this half term and find out about the weather and climate around the world. Some places we are going to learn about are very hot and some are very cold bbbrrrrrr! We are going to become weather reporters in our class. You can help your child at home by talking about the weather and watching the local weather reports on TV. 





Important Information




Our PE days are Mondays & Wednesdays.


Please send your child to school in their school PE kit: red round-neck t-shirt and plain black shorts or joggers.  Children should also wear their school sweatshirt.

Black pumps are also useful or unbranded black trainers.


Please do not send your child in clothes which are not school uniform.

Please also ensure that children with pierced ears can either remove earrings themselves or cover with plasters before the start of the school day.


- Please use your child's new Home Reading Diary to record your child's reading. Try to read at least three times a week so that books can be changed regularly.


- If you have any worries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact a member of class staff.

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