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Welcome to the Maths pages of our website.


You can find out more here about how our children learn maths at Grange Primary School.


Mathematics in EYFS

In Elm class, children follow the Early Years Framework for mathematics. To ensure a smooth transition in Year 1 we currently follow the White Rose Maths Hub scheme. In addition to this we use the Numberland resources to support the chidren's understanding of numbers 1-20. 


Find out more about Numberland here:


Learning maths through a 'mastery approach' (Singapore-style)  Maths in Years 1-6


In Years 1-6 we have introduced a mastery approach to teaching and learning of maths.  This includes the use of a high-quality textbook (we use Maths No Problem). These teaching strategies are a highly effective way of supporting children to acquire mastery and depth in mathematics and focuses on learning through a CONCRETE - PICTORIAL -  ABSTRACT (CPA) approach. As children in these year groups move through school they will continue to learn maths using this 'mastery' approach. 


Find out more about Maths No Problem here:



A guide to a Maths No Problem Lesson



Times tables are so important for children's maths skills throughout school. We begin learning our times tables in Year 1 and continue learning them until the day we leave for high school! It has such importance at our school that we teach tables every single day!


It can be quite hard to remember all of our tables so repetition is key. You can help at home by practicing the times tables appropriate for your year group. Please see the times tables progression below:


To make learning times tables really fun you can log into The children love this website and it makes learning cool!


If you don't know your password please contact your class teacher. 

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