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Operation Encompass

What is Operation Encompass?

Operation Encompass is a new intitiave between Lancashire Police and schools designed to support children who may have been exposed to domestic abuse in the home.


Why is this important?

It is widely recognised that children who are exposed to domestic abuse in the home can be affected - it is termed an 'adverse childhood experience'.  This scheme originated in Plymouth and was designed to support children who are living in an environment where there has been domestic abuse.


How does Operation Encompass work?

Each school has a secure email address accessed only by the Key Adult - in our school, this is Ms Taylor, the Headteacher and Designated Saefguarding Lead.  If the police attend an incident of domestic abuse where there are children resident in the property, they will send a notification directly to the school's secure email.  This is so that schools can quickly respond and offer any support required to the child/ren affected.  Information shared is confidential and is only shared on a needs basis, which is in line with our current Safeguarding procedures.


Where can I find out more information?

In several ways:

- a letter has been sent home to every parent

- online at

- by speaking to Ms Taylor, Headteacher

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