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School Lunches & Snacks


At Grange, we are proud to maintain our own school kitchen (many school kitchens are run by the local authority).  The food is sourced from local suppliers as much as possible and we plan our own menus.  We are committed to ensuring that our children receive a wholesome and healthy portion of well-cooked food each day.  Each day, we want them to be able to choose their meal using our Cypad electronic menu system, which always includes a salad bar and a choice of hot or cold desserts.


We charge £2.20 per meal - which is less than the recommended price- because we want to keep the meals great value for parents.


Please see Summer 21 menu below for details of meals and snacks.

Who is entitled to free school meals?

All children in Reception or KS1 (Year 1 or 2) can have a FREE school meal - this is called UNIVERSAL FREE SCHOOL MEALS.


Once a child is in KS2 (Y3 - Y6) they either:

- pay for their meal  OR

- are entitled to a FREE meal if parents are in receipt of certain benefits


If you think your child is entitled to BENEFIT-RELATED free school meals, please contact the School Office on 01772 792573 and we will advise you further.

Summer 2021 Menu


Main / Veg optionPasta & Meatballs / Quorn Meatballs / Garlic Bread

Beef burger / Veg Burger

Sweet potato fries/ onion rings / corn on the cob / homemade relish

Mango & Lime spiced chicken wrap / veg wrap / savoury rice

Chilli con carne / Veg con carne / Tortilla chips / plain riceHomemade Cheese & Tomato Pizza & Chip / Fish & Chips


(inc vegetarian option)

Jacket Potato with choice of fillings  & saladJacket Potato with choice of fillings & saladJacket Potato with choice of fillings & saladJacket Potato with choice of fillings & saladJacket Potato with choice of fillings & salad


A range of desserts available each day including:



Cakes:  e.g. Carrot Cake / Lemon Drizzle Cake




Meet our Kitchen Team


  Leigh Hall - Catering Supervisor








   Kayleigh Hardman  - Catering Assistant

    Kate Oak - Catering Assistant

What do school lunches look like from September 2020?

As part of the need to keep children safe in class bubbles, we have the following procedures in place:


- all children from Reception and KS1 eat lunch in the hall at staggered times.  They have their own spaces and tables are cleaned and disinfected between sittings

- in KS2, children who have a school meal either eat in the hall OR have hot food delivered to their classroom.

- menu choices are slightly restricted - i.e., choice of one hot meal or hot jacket potato with filling; choice of hot/cold dessert; individual salad pots OR soup


Staff in the hall wear visors and gloves; food is carefully handled and wrapped if necessary and there is a heightened frequency of handwashing and cleaning down.


Please see the Autumn 2020 menu below.

Breaktime Snacks

We also provide snacks at breaktime as busy children get hungry!

We now offer a much wider range of snacks including:

  • Oat & Apple Biscuits (Mondays)
  • Banana Bread (Tuesdays)
  • Pancakes & fruit (Wednesdays)
  • Fruit Loaf (Thursdays)
  • Chocolate drizzled croissants (Friday Fundays!!)

There is also always a fruit bowl option.


Children in Year 1 and Reception will also get free milk, paid for by school.


All of this is still only 20p per day or £1 per week - subsidised by school.

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