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Special Events and Visits

Remembrance Day: Wednesday 11th November 2021



Today the children took part in a series of events, designed to commemorate Remembrance Day.

All week they have been donating money to the Royal British Legion and wearing poppies and other items (they love the snap bands!).

On the morning of 11th November, all the children joined in a virtual assembly specially designed for Ks1 & KS2 pupils.


They then created their own artwork, using recently-learned skills to create watercolours, wire-modelled and acrylic poppies, wreaths and canvases.


We also used the opportunity to lay a wreath at the foot of our Remembrance statue.  We commissioned this statue for the centenary anniversary of WW! but covid delayed the completion and we only recently had this installed.  Our plans are to continue to develop this area which we have worked on with Preston Dig In - a veterans' charity.


Next year, you will hopefully be able to see a wild-flower garden here to enhance the seating area where children can sit at breaks and lunches when they want some 'quiet time'.


Look at some of the artwork being created below.  To see more work from your child's class, click on their Showbie account.


IMG_0070 (1).mov

Still image for this video
News from 2019 - 2020 School Year 

Year 2 Trip to Windmill Farm

On Wednesday Chestnut Class visited Windmill Farm as part of our topic 'On the Farm'. We learnt about all the different animals as we travelled around the farm on the miniature railway. We got to bottle some baby lambs that were only weeks old and feed lots of other hungry animals too! We also went on the amazing play areas and had lots of fun! Have a look at the pictures from our day......

Safety Town

Year 6 visited the 'Safety Town' event, hosted by Longridge High School to learn about staying safe online, making healthy food choices and being aware and responsible when we are out and about!

Meet our new member of the Grange family.


Last Thursday morning, James came to create our newest member of Grange School. He cleverly made an ugly tree stump into a stunning owl. He used a chainsaw. What a talented man! Don't forget to give our owl a wave whenever you pass. Maybe our owl needs a name?

National Fitness Day


Last Wednesday, we celebrated National Fitness Day by joining thousands of schools across the country in ten minutes of exercise. 

During assembly, the whole school enjoyed a 'wake up and shake up' session of dance that really got everybody moving! 

Throughout the day in our classrooms, we learned all about the benefits of leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

Elm Class Bobbin Treat


On Friday Elm Class had a Teddy Bear's Picnic!

This was because they had earnt enough bobbins to choose a treat.

They had a busy couple of days before the picnic getting everything organised.

The children wrote invitations to their toys to invite them to the picnic.

They then made biscuits and cakes following a set of instructions.  Then on the morning of the party they had to decorate their picnic boxes, make sandwiches, make pizzas and cut up fruit.

Luckily the weather stayed dry so we were able to sit outside on our picnic rugs with our cuddly toys and enjoy our picnic!

Pee, Poo and Paper!!


At the end of the Spring term we had a visit from a Mad Scientist!

He talked to us about Pee, Poo and Paper!!

We all loved his show on what we should and shouldn't put down our toilets.  With exciting and disgusting demonstrations and even a pledge that we all had to recite we all learnt alot about why it is important to look ofter our drainage system and to think carefully before we flush!

We even got to take home a free toilet roll!!

This event was in assocition with United Utilities.

The Day the Aliens Landed!


One cold Autumn morning we arrived at school to find a strange sight on the field.  Some kind of transport device had crash landed! An emergency assembly was called!  Ms Taylor showed us some footage from the police and a video of the vehicle crash landing. It was a spaceship from outer space!!

Each class was given a top secret mission to complete in the morning, which included reporting for the local paper and radio, to describing the aliens and what we would say if we met them.

By the afternoon the Prime Minister had been in touch with further information.  We were all given new tasks to complete to help to communicate and control the creatures.  These invloved us using our Sciencific knowledge of reflection, electrical circuits, air resistance, classifying animals and also melting and cooling.

We had a fantastic day and really enjoyed applying our Science skills.

Oak class visit to Manchester Museum


Oak class enjoyed a brilliant and informative day at 'Manchester Museum', learning more about life in Ancient Greece.  They were able to handle artefacts and played a game to investigate the role of trade during Ancient Greek times.  They also followed on from our learning in school by developing their own myths linked to depictions on Greek artefacts:

Maple Class trip to Farmer Parrs


This half term Maple Class have been learning all about 'The Animal Kingdom'. As an exciting way to end our topic we went to Farmer Parrs in Fleetwood. We all had an excellent day, adults and children alike!! We fed the animals, groomed ponies and went on a tractor ride amongst other things! Take a look at our pictures below to see what fun we had!

Maple Class at St Cecilia's High School


Maple Class were lucky enough to be invited to St Cecilia's High School to do some work linked to our science topic about our bodies. The children worked in the science lab to complete an experiment to investigate the taste of different fruits. The children predicted which one they thought would be the sweetest before trying all the samples and recording their findings.

After this, the children moved to the Design and Technology depeartment where they learnt about the importance of eating foods of a variety of colours. They learnt they needed a rainbow coloured diet. Here the children made a pasta salad and included a range of colourful ingredients so that it was a healthy meal. 

I bet all the mums and dads enjoyed having a night off from having to cook the tea!!

Year 5 at Cobble Hey


Year 5 enjoyed a beautiful, sunny day for their final visit to Cobble Hey Farm.  They were able to extend their understanding of life cycles by discussing how plants and animals had changed throughout the year and have brought some detailed observational drawings back to school.

Forest School Session


To round off our topic of 'The Great Outdoors', Maple Class took part in a Forest School session. They learnt how to make shelters, took part in team games, and even toasted marshmallows around a campfire with a stick they had whittled themselves!

Year 5 at Cobble Hey


Year 5 have been back for their second visit of the year to Cobble Hey Farm, where they found out more about the farming year.




Oak class - Titanic day


Oak class celebrated the end of their 'Titanic' topic with a special dress-up day, where they experienced what aspects of life would have been like on-board the famous ship!

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