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Star of the Week / Players' Player

At Grange, we love our Friday assemblies because that is when we recognise and celebrate our Stars and Players' Players.


Our Stars are children who have been nominated by the class teacher for going the extra mile - for example, an achievement in learning, or persevering with a personal challenge or for showing consideration or kindness to others.


Our Players' Players are chosen by the children in the class - they vote and give a reason for their choice of Players' Player.


Usually, the pupils then wear the 'Blue Sweatshirt' all week so everyone can see who our Stars are.  However, during Covid we have decided to give the children a lovely enamelled badge instead.


Stars receive and keep a blue badge.

Players' Player receive and keep a yellow badge.


We also let parents know of these achievements through our website and our FaceBook account.

We won't contact parents by Groupcall because of the lack of assemblies, but we will post the information on our website and FaceBook page, in line with our current photo consents.  If you wish to change your photo consent, please let the School Office know.

Stars and Players' Players - week ending 27 Nov 2020:


This week’s Stars and Players’ Players are:

Year 6: Declan & Jakub

Year 5: Ivan & Milena

Year 4: Kessy & Amelia

Year 3: Kairo & Emily A

Year 2: Raya 

Year 1: Darcey & Reilly

Reception: Maryam


Congratulations everyone – you all have a badge to keep and wear as recognition of their award. 


Well done to all the following children too!  Lots of these children are regularly going on Showbie and practising their reading at home. 


Reading Awards in Year 3 - congratulations to the following children:

Julia, Ethan H, Ethan C, Eden, Ruby, Jared & Erin.


Year 3 have also earned a badge from reading books on the Epic website so well done!


In Year 1, Emma is the first winner of a Silver Badge on the Reading Eggs website!

Stars and Players' Players - week ending 20 Nov 2020:


School attendance has been really good throughout this last term and this week is particularly good.  Well done especially to Rowan class who achieved 100% attendance!


Next week, we are beginning to prepare for Christmas in earnest.  The Christmas Diary Dates Newsletter is on the website, Showbie and our Facebook page – look out for the new addition regarding Christmas Jumper Day. PLEASE do not go to extra expense in an already challenging time.  Christmas Lunch is free of charge for ALL children – just let your class teacher know before 4th December.


From next week, I will have some information for you all about Fareshare – we are planning to hold a weekly free Fareshare market – watch out for more information.


This week’s Stars and Players’ Players are:

Year 6: Lily & Elisha

Year 5: Melody & Denley

Year 4: Ellie & Sophia

Year 3: Aiden & Erin

Year 2: Mustafa & Jacob

Year 1: Mariyyah & Ayesha

Reception: Ellis

Congratulations everyone – you all have a badge to keep and wear as recognition of their award. 

Stars and Players' Players - week ending 13 Nov 2020:

The children have had a lovely day today – coming to school in their own clothes to raise awareness for Children In Need. In fact, in Year 3, they also joined in a special online exercise class with Joe Wickes and saw the Children in Need totaliser increasing!


If you wish to donate, here are some ways to do it:


Congratulations to the following children who have been recognised for their hard work and effort this week.  They are presented with an enamelled badge to keep as recognition of their award. 


Our Stars of the Week and Players’ Players are:

Year 6: Branden & Nikodem

Year 5: Emily & Alfie

Year 4: Tyler & Lexi

Year 3: Evie & Ethan H

Year 2:Ruby & Kieran

Year 1: Loki & Musa

Reception: Angel

Stars and Players' Players - week ending 6 Nov 2020:

We have had a very special Celebration Assembly today where all the classes joined us by Zoom to celebrate our new Head Pupils and Captains.

Although the role will be different because of the need to stick to bubbles, we still think it is important to give our Year 6 the opportunity to seek responsibilities and to be able to contribute to the running of school.

So, well done to all of the following pupils and we look forward to listening to your views and ideas about how we continue to reflect and improve on making our school an even better place to learn and play!

Head Pupils:  Kaci & Brian

Deputy Head Pupils: Olivia & Logan

Sports Captains: Nikodem & Kieran

Head Librarians: Alexi and Alec

House Captains:  David S, Evie, Elisha, Lewis, Rahma, Lily, Annabelle


We have more Stars this week too!  Welcome back everybody and a special well done to the following pupils:

Year 6: Goncalo & Alec

Year 5: Jacqueline & Alise

Year 4: Emily & Tayla

Year 3: Thomas & Aiden

Year 1: Lujain & Danya

Reception: Jessica

Stars and Players' Players - week ending 16 Oct 2020:

Year 6 – Finlay & Marcel

Year 5 – Craig & Florri

Year 4 – Bella & Rhys

Year 3 – Jordan & Ethan

Year 2 – Mia & Lily

Year 1 – Paige & Aron

Reception - Farah


Well done to those children who have been awarded Star or Players Player. 

If your child has won an award and lost their badge, we now have replacements available for £1.  Just send £1 in an envelope to the class teacher and we will replace.

Stars and Players' Players - week ending 16 Oct 2020:

Year 6 – Jaskaran & David

Year 5 – Finnley & Alise

Year 4 – Scarlett & Keita

Year 3 – Jaskeerat & Emily

Year 2 – Lexi & Rebekah

Year 1 – Noah & Mariyyah

Reception - Victoria

Stars and Players' Players - week ending 9 Oct 2020:

Year 6 – Nikodem & Brian

Year 5 – Maisie & Maya

Year 4 – Kiaren & Conner

Year 3 – Layla & Ruby

Year 2 – Mia & Bethany

Year 1 – Myla & Charlie

Reception - Cameron & Nathen

Stars and Players' Players - week ending 2 Oct 2020:

Year 6 – Zach & Kaci

Year 5 – Francessca & Milena

Year 4 – Latisha & Vlad

Year 3 – Julia & Olivia

Year 2 – Caitlyn & Sorcha

Year 1 – Elara & Peyton

Stars and Players' Players - week ending 25 Sept 2020:

Year 6 - Olivia & Alexi

Year 5 - Mateusz & Alise

Year 4 - Heath & Izabell

Year 3 - Hollie & Lily

Year 2 - Nadia J & Ruby

Year 1 - Irene & Ashley

Reception - Jiya



Stars and Players' Players - week ending 18 Sept 2020:

Year 6 - Dawid & Jack

Year 5 - Nice & Denley

Year 4 - Harley & Deven

Year 3 - Emily & Jared

Year 2 - Kobie & Nevaeh

Year 1 - Benny & Mason

Reception - Jack

Stars and Players' Players - week ending 11 Sept 2020:

Year 6 - David & Evie

Year 5 - Craig & Mateuz

Year 4 - Kessy & Mason

Year 3 - Eden & Evie

Year 2 - Raya & Logan

Year 1 - Tilly & Emilia


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