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Star of the Week / Players' Player

Congratulations to all of the following children who have all been awarded Star of the Week. We have a Star (chosen by staff) and a Players Player (chosen by children) from each class:

W/E 7 June 24


Maple Class: Kaian, Purity

Chestnut Class: Oliver, Lucas

Rowan Class: Amelia, Casselle

Beech Class: Amani, Darcy

Willow Class: On trip

Oak Class: Mark, Owen

W/E 24 May 24


Elm Class: Caleb, Esmae

Maple Class: Harper, Zaid

Chestnut Class: Ibrahim, Riley

Rowan Class: Angel, Jenson

Beech Class: Nadeen, Emma

Willow Class: Lylah, Mia

Oak Class: Jake, Ethan

W/E 17 May 24


Elm Class: Talia, Hollie

Maple Class: Frankie, Thea

Chestnut Class: Marlie, Jessika 

Rowan Class: Chathum, Esme

Beech Class: Nathan, Danya

Willow Class: Nadia, Ruby

Oak Class: All of Year 6, Evie

W/E 10 May 24


Elm Class:  Zeenat, Brogan

Maple Class:  Amelia, Luca

Chestnut Class:  Carter, Leone

Rowan Class:  Harley, Isaac 

Beech Class: On School Trip

Willow Class:  Mustafa, Nadia

Oak Class:  Eitaras, Evie

W/E 3 May 24


Elm Class: Lennox, Keegan

Maple Class: Mouaz, Dominik

Chestnut Class: Leo, Stevie

Rowan Class: Victoria, Charlotte

Beech Class: Aron, Amani

Willow Class: Fatimah, Micheala

Oak Class: Ethan, Aaron

W/E 26 April 24


Elm Class:  Ayat, Ayaan

Maple Class:  Kaian, Heidi

Chestnut Class: Harley, Grace

Rowan Class:  Jack, Harry

Beech Class:  Ibrahim, Elara

Willow Class:  Jacob, Sorcha

Oak Class:  Owen, Aiden

W/E 19 April 24


Elm Class:  Lucas, Ollie

Maple Class:  Esme, Hysan

Chestnut Class: Riley, Lily-Rose

Rowan Class:  Tamim, Ellis

Beech Class:  Charlie, Emma

Willow Class:  Nadia, Matilda

Oak Class:  Reagan, Max

W/E 22 Mar 24


Elm Class: Mina, Caleb

Maple Class: Heidi, Frankie

Chestnut Class: Lola, Noah

Rowan Class: Anas, Amelia

Beech Class: Shavonne, Tilly

Willow Class: Ohemaa, Kamraan

Oak Class: Eden, Aaron

W/E 15 Mar 24


Elm Class: Hollie, Dorka

Maple Class: Roman, Kristians

Chestnut Class: Lilly Rose, Georgie

Rowan Class: Taha, Ellis

Beech Class: Reilly, Mason

Willow Class: Sophie, Kieran

Oak Class: Daniyal, Ethan 

W/E 8 Mar 24


Elm Class: Remeah, Lennox

Maple Class: Mouaz, Frankie

Chestnut Class: Marlie, Ibrahim

Rowan Class: Lottie, Jakob

Beech Class: Danya, Charlie

Willow Class: Bethany, Raya

Oak Class: Kairo, Eitaras

W/E 1 Mar 24


Elm Class: Brogan, Corey

Maple Class: Dominik, Hysan

Chestnut Class: Daniel, David

Rowan Class: Victoria, Jenson

Beech Class: Ashley, Darcy

Willow Class: Mustafa, Kamraan

Oak Class: Eitaras, Eden

W/E 23 Feb 24


Elm Class: Ollie, Ayaan

Maple Class: Esme, Amelia

Chestnut Class: Victor, Iga

Rowan Class: Harley, Isaac

Beech Class: Irene, Noah

Willow Class: Ellie-May, Mikyla

Oak Class: Emily, Aiden, Aaron

W/E 9 Feb 24


Elm Class: Evie, Savannah

Maple Class: Kaian, Alex

Chestnut Class: Georgie, Carter

Rowan Class: Sienna, Zaynah

Beech Class: Tilly, Elara

Willow Class: Poppy, Lilly

Oak Class: Owen, Evie

W/E 2 Feb 24


Elm Class: Keegan, Remeah

Maple Class: Alfie-Jack, Kristians

Chestnut Class: Ettiene, Maisie

Rowan Class: Renal, Casselle

Beech Class: Lucy, Nathan

Willow Class: Minha, Nadia

Oak Class: Julia, Evie



W/E 26 Jan 24


Elm Class: Holly, Talia

Maple Class: Alaina, Harvey

Chestnut Class: Lucas, Harley

Rowan Class: Charlotte, Libby

Beech Class: Noah, Emma

Willow Class: Rebecka, Mia

Oak Class: Max, Omar

W/E 19 Jan 24


Elm Class: Esmae, Lincoln

Maple Class: Heidi, Reggie

Chestnut Class: Jakub, Oliver

Rowan Class: Tamin, Dorota

Beech Class: Darcy, Ibrahim

Willow Class: Ellie-May, Nafiyah

Oak Class: Jared, Eitaras

W/E 12 Jan 24


Elm Class: Dorka, Corey

Maple Class: Thea, Alfie

Chestnut Class: Grace, Rosie

Rowan Class: Harry, Harley

Beech Class: Musa, Myla

Willow Class: Mia, Nadia

Oak Class: Ruby, Lilly

 W/E 15 Dec 23


 Elm Class: Lincoln, Evie

 Maple Class: Luca , Declan

 Chestnut Class: Eva, Leo

 Rowan Class: Leia, Zaynah

 Beech Class: Charlie, Paige

 Willow Class: Ruby, Raya

 Oak Class: Hollie, Emily

W/E 8 Dec 23


Elm Class: Ayat

Maple Class: Harper, Reggie

Chestnut Class: Leone, Marlie

Rowan Class: Ellis, Angel

Beech Class: Peyton, Nadeen

Willow Class: Ohemaa, Nafiah

Oak Class: Shanessa, Jared

W/E 1 Dec 23


Elm Class: Savannah, Brogan

Maple Class: Zaid, Alaina

Chestnut Class: Noah, Alayna

Rowan Class: Harley, Renal

Beech Class: Elara, Noah

Willow Class: Jacob, Nadia

Oak Class: Jared, Eitara

W/E 24 Nov 23


Elm Class: Lennox, Caleb

Maple Class: Reggie, Harper

Chestnut Class: Iga, Hubert

Rowan Class: Cameron, Amelia

Beech Class: Paige, Ayesha

Willow Class: Raya, Inaaya

Oak Class: Aiden, Eitaras

W/E 17 Nov 23


Elm Class: Ayaan, Esmae

Maple Class: Declan, Thomas

Chestnut Class: Jessika, Daniel

Rowan Class: Bobby, Esme

Beech Class: Myla, Lucy

Willow Class: Saleh, Rebecka

Oak Class: Aaron, Omar

W/E 10 Nov 23


Elm Class: Caleb, Mina

Maple Class: Alfie, Roman

Chestnut Class: Ariahna, Ibrahim

Rowan Class: Ellis, Lottie

Beech Class: Amani, Shavonne

Willow Class: Lylah, Matilda

Oak Class: Thomas, Omar

W/E 3 Nov 23


Elm Class: Talia, Hollie

Maple Class: Harvey, Alfie-Jack

Chestnut Class: Stevie, Georgie

Rowan Class: Cameron, Jakob

Beech Class: Nada, Tilly

Willow Class: Baha, Levi

Oak Class: Omar, Evie

W/E 20 Oct 23

Maple Class:  Kristians &  Kaian

Chestnut Class:  Riley & Harley H

Rowan Class:  Isaac & Harry

Beech Class:  Emma & Aron

Willow Class:  Kieran & Mustafa

Oak Class:  Erin & Evie


W/E 22nd Sept 2023


Maple Class:  Purity & Thea

Chestnut Class:  Eva J & Victor

Rowan Class:  Dorota & Zaynah

Beech Class:  Emilia & Charlie N

Willow Class:  Mia M & Mikyla

Oak Class:  Layla & Evie


W/E 15th Sept 2023


Maple Class:  Amelia & Luca

Chestnut Class:  Rosie & Archie

Rowan Class:  Jack & Lottie

Beech Class:  Loki & Ayesha

Willow Class:  Zeeshan & Hannah

Oak Class:  Eden & Ethan


w/e 8 Sept 2023


Maple Class:  Hamdaan & Esme

Chestnut Class:  Maisie & Lola

Rowan Class:  Sienna & Charlotte

Beech Class:  Mason & Elara

Willow Class:  Sorcha & Sophie

Oak Class:  Evie & Ethan C


w/e 14 July 2023

Elm Class:  Harper-Rose & Alex

Maple Class:  Iga & Hubert

Chestnut Class:  Kaiden & Harry

Rowan Class:  Musa & Alejandro

Beech Class:  Rebecka & Baha

Willow Class:  Jared & Evie

Oak Class:  Scarlett & Vlad

w/e 7 July 2023

Elm Class:  Kristians & Thomas

Maple Class:  Harley &Rosie

Chestnut Class:  David & Victoria

Rowan Class:  Reilly & Lujain

Beech Class:  Mia M & Nadia J

Willow Class:  Oscar & Thomas

Oak Class:  Lacey & Tayla



w/e 30 June 2023

Elm Class:  Harper & Amelia

Maple Class:  Jessika & Noah

Chestnut Class:  Casselle & Jacob

Rowan Class:  Peyton & Ayesha

Beech Class:  Francis & Raya

Willow Class:  Joshua & Hollie

Oak Class:  Bella & Ellie



w/e 23 June 2023

Elm Class:  Hamdaan; Darren; Heidi; Roman

Maple Class:  Grace & Archie

Chestnut Class:  Lottie & Chathum

Rowan Class:  Nada & Lucy

Beech Class:  Sophie & Kieran

Willow Class:  Jake & Kairo

Oak Class:  Izabell & Deven



w/e 16 June 2023

Elm Class: 

Maple Class:  Ariahna & Ettiene

Chestnut Class: Cameron & Angel

Rowan Class: Aron & Darcy

Beech Class: Baha & Matilda

Willow Class:  Ethan H & Owen

Oak Class:  Ellie & Sophia



w/e 9 June 2023

Elm Class:  Naomi & Purity

Maple Class:  Alayna & Maisie

Chestnut Class: Jessica & Sienna

Rowan Class: Noah & Emilia

Beech Class: Jacob & Hannah

Willow Class:  Daniyal & Emily

Oak Class:  Emily & Amelia


w/e 26  May 2023

Elm Class:  Amelia & Holly

Maple Class:  Leo & Georgie

Chestnut Class: Leia & Cameron

Rowan Class: Nathen & Loki

Beech Class: Zeeshan & Mustafa

Willow Class:  Ethan C & Shanessa

Oak Class:  Scarlett & Deven


w/e  19 May 2023

Elm Class:  Alfie-Jack & Hamdaan

Maple Class:  Archie & Victor

Chestnut Class: Charlotte & Ellis

Rowan Class: Charlie & Irene

Beech Class: Bethany & Francis

Willow Class:  Reagen & Joshua

Oak Class:  All of Year 6 & Jasmine


w/e  28 April  2023

Elm Class: Purity & Reggie

Maple Class:  Daniel & Iga

Chestnut Class: Amelia J & Bobby

Rowan Class: Lucy & Mason

Beech Class: Ellie-May & Ruby

Willow Class:  Eitaras & Omar

Oak Class:  Bella & Keita


w/e  21 April  2023

Elm Class: Harvey & Darren

Maple Class:  Ibrahim & Lola

Chestnut Class: Esme & Lottie

Rowan Class: Elara & Ashley

Beech Class: Lilly & Poppy

Willow Class:  Ehsan & Joshua

Oak Class:  Tayla & Jasmine


w/e  31 March 2023

Elm Class: Kaian & Holly

Maple Class:  Lucas & Riley

Chestnut Class: David & Charlotte

Rowan Class: Nadeen & Emma

Beech Class: Mia R & Sophie

Willow Class:  Evie & Aiden

Oak Class:  Sophia & Emily


w/e  24 March 2023

Elm Class: Darryl & Luca

Maple Class: David & Victor

Chestnut Class: Victoria & Denzel

Rowan Class: Ayesha & Charlie

Beech Class: Andra & Nadia J

Willow Class:  Max & Owen

Oak Class:  Keita & Lacey


w/e  17 March 2023

Elm Class: Heidi & Esme

Maple Class: Leo & Harley

Chestnut Class: Esme & Kaiden

Rowan Class: Aron & Musa

Beech Class: Wateen & Saleh

Willow Class:  Hollie & Ethan H

Oak Class:  Izabell & Scarlett



w/e  10 March 2023

Elm Class: Declan & Alaina

Maple Class: Jessika & Lucas

Chestnut Class: Harry & Dorota

Rowan Class: Emilia & Alejandro

Beech Class: Raya & Zeeshan

Willow Class:  Julia & Erin

Oak Class:  Mason & Tayla


w/e  3 March 2023

Elm Class: Alfie & Kristians

Maple Class: Victor & Grace

Chestnut Class: Victoria & Jenson

Rowan Class: Lucy & Nadeen

Beech Class: Kealan & Mia

Willow Class:  Tai & Jared

Oak Class:  Lacey & Bella-Rose


w/e  24 Feb 23

Elm Class: Alex & Alfie-Jack

Maple Class: Georgie & Riley

Chestnut Class: Jessica & Casselle

Rowan Class: Noah & Amelia

Beech Class: Sorcha & Olivia

Willow Class:  Aaron & Ruby

Oak Class:  Amelia & Ellie


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