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Welcome Parents, Carers and Friends: September 2023


Here at Grange, we aim to create a secure and happy environment where all children can enjoy learning and develop lively and enquiring minds, in a safe, stimulating and secure environment.  It is also really important to us that everyone is kind and respectful to each other.


Our school has seven single-age classes in school and we pride ourselves on our family atmosphere where everyone cares and everyone is cared about.  This culture and atmosphere was recognised in our recent successful Ofsted inspection in March 2022.


Every child at Grange is treated as an individual, and the staff are committed to encouraging all of our pupils to reach their full potential, in terms of developing as rounded and confident members of society and also in terms of maximising their learning. We recognise that in order to be successful adults, our children need to develop perseverance and resilience alongside developing the core skills of reading, writing and numeracy.


We strive to develop an awareness of moral values and mutual respect between all members of our school community, and as such, we place great emphasis on our children being polite members of the community.  Indeed, we have received many compliments about our children's behaviour and enthusiasm from visitors to school and from members of the general public.  We are very proud of our children and how they represent themselves and our school.


Our motto is 'Together we make a difference'.  


The staff and governors are committed to developing partnerships with parents, the local community and other agencies to ensure that we build a strong team spirit at Grange - we call it 'Grange United'!


We care about your child's learning, about their safety, about their emotional and physical well-being and about their understanding of the world we live in today. We also care about supporting the families of Grange Primary School - we relish having the privilege of knowing each and every child very well.

We are proud of our school and our school values.  These values include those of respect and peace - which we actively promote through our curriculum  and our ethos. These values also align with the promotion of British Values. We are a Rights Respecting School. We truly believe that by working together in harmony with children, parents and carers, we can best support our pupils and their families.


Our Mission Statement supports that belief:


Our school will be a safe and happy place where all can flourish and learn through shared values, mutual respect and enriching experiences, encouraging everyone to be the best that they can be.


Together we make a difference.


We continue to invest in our school environment and our learning resources.  Building on long-term  investment in our school we boast: new outdoor learning areas; state-of-the-art floodlit 3G all-weather pitches; newly refurbished and additional classrooms; additional meeting spaces; fresh and modern toilets for all pupils and a more welcoming reception area and offices.  We have also invested in additional technology including iPads and a wider range of staff and external professionals with specialist skills to support our families and children.


Come and see our happy school for yourself - we warmly welcome visitors and are always pleased to show you around.  



Ms Cheryl Taylor


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