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Beech Class (Year 4)

Welcome to Beech Class: 2021 - 2022

Year 4

Mrs Rogerson    Mrs Walker    Mrs Garrity




Here you will find the Long-Term Plan for Year 4 for 2021-22. 

This gives a broad overview of the themes and topics covered in year and relate back to the National Curriculum.

For more details about each subject being taught -  click on the Curriculum page within the Parents Section.


This half term we will be learning about what makes a healthy meal and recapping our understanding of the Eat Well plate. From this we will look at seasonality of produce and the importance of using seasonal products in our cooking. We will then find out about where food is produced int he world and how far it has travelled to get to our plate. We will consider the impact this has on our environment. The out come of this unit will be a store fry. We will plan what vegetables we would like to use and learn how to chop and cook them.




Autumn 2 Class Novel

Our class novel for this half term is The House at the Edge of Magic by Amy Sparkles



Read the blurb:


Nine is an orphan pickpocket determined to escape her life in the Nest of a Thousand Treasures. When she steals a house-shaped ornament from a mysterious woman’s purse, she knocks on its tiny door and watches it grow into a huge, higgledy-piggeldy house. Inside she finds a host of magical and brilliantly funny characters, including Flabberghast – a young wizard who’s particularly competitive at hopscotch – and a hideous troll housekeeper who’s emotionally attached to his feather duster. They have been placed under an extraordinary spell, which they are desperate for Nine to break – and if she can, maybe they can offer her a new life in return…


In our class, PE is on Wednesdays & Thursdays. Please come dressed in the correct kit on this day. 


Please try your best to read daily - it is so important! When you have finished your book, please return it to school where it will be changed.


The Reading Record will now be online on Showbie. You can also leave comments about your library book. You should remember to include the date, the title of the book, the page number and three facts about what you have read so far. 

Times Tables

Times tables are so important in Year 4. You will be tested on these at the end of the year. At the moment, we are working on times tables every day in class in order to build up to our big test on Friday. Remember that you can access TT Rockstars and UrBrainy to work on them at home. 


Spellings will be uploaded onto Showbie every Monday. Please log on and work on them before the next set are uploaded. 

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