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Primary School

Child Protection & Safeguarding

Keeping Children Safe


Part of our role at school is to help keep our children safe.  This area of the website is designed to offer parents and families advice and guidance on a range of issues.


If you would like more guidance or advice about keeping children safe, you should always come and see us to talk about it.


In our school, the following people are responsible for ensuring that statutory safeguarding procedures are followed, in order to keep children safe:


Designated Safeguarding Lead:  Ms C Taylor (Headteacher)

Back-Up Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mr J Thackway (Deputy Headteacher)


Also, the following staff members are trained by the Local Authority to support the DSL:


Mrs R Harmer, Inclusion Manager

Mrs T Pitchford, School Business Manager

Mrs L Sutton, Pastoral Manager




Please visit our 'Keeping Safe' page in the parents section of the website for more extensive guidance.

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