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Primary School


We use a variety of strategies and teaching styles to support children in learning how to decode and develop comprehension and a love of reading:

  • Daily, high quality phonics teaching in small groups in EYFS and KS1.
  • Shared reading within daily English lessons.
  • A high status given to developing language and communication, including using the 'Talk for Writing' model across the school.
  • Guided reading sessions outside of the daily English lesson, including whole class teaching of reading sessions.
  • Class novels, which the teacher reads aloud to their class on a regular basis.  The texts are carefully chosen to engage and widen our children's access to texts and authors.
  • Our whole school home reading scheme, which encourages children to read regulary at home with parents and guardians - children are rewarded for this through our reading awards in celebration assembly.
  • Early Bird Readers (EYFS / KS1), where parents are invited in before school to enjoy breakfast and reading time with their child.
  • Access to high quality reading materials in the school library (each class has a timetabled slot) and exciting 'library@lunch' activities.
  • We use high quality intervention programmes, including 'speechlink', 'IDL' and 'catch-up phonics' for children who require additional support with an aspect of reading or communication.

Our Library and Library@Lunch


Our school library is used reguarly by all children, so that they can access a wider range of reading materials and develop a love of reading based on their own reading interests.

Ably assisted by a group of UKS2 librarians, the library is run by our library TA, Mrs McCrea.  She is also responsible for running exciting, themed 'Library@Lunch' activities to promote engagment in reading - these form a part of our reading themed events across the school!


Reading Warriors


Our 'Reading Warriors' initiative has been set up to promote love of reading and to develop fluent, confident readers.

Our 'Reading Warriors' are children in KS2, who have been trained to be able to support their KS1 buddy with their reading.  They take part in a paired reading session every week and spend time sharing and discussing their books.


For more information about our 'Reading Warriors', please contact Miss Hesketh.

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