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Willow Class (Year 5)

Welcome to Willow Class:

2023 -2024

Year 5

Mrs Campbell  Miss Thornley



Curriculum Overview - 2023- 2024

Class Information 

PE Days - Mondays & Wednesdays


Children must wear P.E kit on these days. Our school PE kit is: 


  • Red t-shirt 
  • Black shorts
  • Black pumps/ or trainers
  • Children may bring black tracksuit bottoms for outdoor sports in the winter.


From ASDA you can get 2 t-shirts, 2 pairs of shorts and pumps for under £9. 

Children should not be wearing branded clothing. 

Reading Expectations -


  • Minimum 3x per week with written acknowledgement from children in Reading Records.
  • Children will be asked to share their knowledge, understanding and excitement about their book with adults and peers so please keep on top of reading at home. 
  • A written acknowledgement should look like this:


Page 81 - 99 . If I were the character I would have attacked the evil prince instead of running away like James did because it made James look weak and might make the evil prince more likely to attack him. 


Page 81 - 99. What I learned from this part of the text is that shark have two sets of teeth. They can have up to 15 rows of teeth! That would take a lot of brushing.


Here are some prompts to help you:



  1. This part of the book reminded me of….
  2. If I could change one thing, it would be…
  3. At first I thought…but then I read…and now I think…
  4. I wonder…
  5. My big question about this part of the book is…
  6. If I were the character…
  7. The character…reminded me of …
  8. As I read, I realised that…
  9. I wish…
  10. What I learned from this reading was…
  11. The most important part of this section/chapter was…
  12. Something the author did really well/poorly was…
  13. I was confused by…
  14. I can tell that the author thinks…
  15. If this book were a movie…
  16. I agree/disagree that…
  17. This book is most appropriate for boy/girl/older/younger readers because…
  18. If I could step into the story, I would…
  19. The most interesting character was…
  20. I think that the author wants the reader to…

Trips, Visits & Events

Amazing work from Willow class

World Book Day

Still image for this video

Spring 2 Poetry Performance

Still image for this video
The children created this poem by writing a line each.
We focused on using abstract nouns and interesting similes.
Below you can find the poem:

The River
The river of mystery ponders
Near the shore of memories
Like a trembling earthquake

The river of madness moans
Above the sky of silence
Like a game of cat and mouse

The river of love melts
Beside the castle of fear
Like a beating drum

The river of galaxies sighs
Below the rainbow of wonder
Like a swooping bird

The river of darkness fades
Through a church of hope
Like the whistling wind

The river of murder runs
Through the city of death
Like a lion waiting to pounce

The river of clouds bends
Above the stadium of imagination
Like a towering skyscraper

The river of emerald whispers
Beside Asgard the city of gods
Like a curtain of darkness

Summer 1 Poetry Performance

Still image for this video

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