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Oak Class (Year 6)


Welcome to Oak Class:

2022 - 2023

Year 6

Mr Thackway    Mrs Pickering

Here you will find the Long-Term Plan for Year 6 for 2022-23.  This gives a broad overview of the themes and topics covered in year and relate back to the National Curriculum.

For more details about each subject being taught -  click on the Curriculum page within the Parents Section.

Class Information 


PE Days - Friday 

Reading Expectations - Minimum 3x per week with written acknowledgement from children on Showbie or in Reading Records

Year 6 - Sonnet


We are the children of the final year,

We’ve had some fun and mischief in our time,

We’ve pulled some pranks and caused some tears,

We’ve made some jokes and wrote this rhyme.


But now we have to face the dreaded test,

We have to prove our knowledge and skill,

We have to cram and study with no rest.

We have to show them that we have the will.


But do not worry, we have a secret plan,

We’ve hidden notes and cheats in every place,

We’ve made some signals only we can scan,

We’ve got some gadgets that will ace the race.


So watch us as we fool them with our tricks,

We are the children who can get out of any fix.

Amazing work from Oak class

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