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Keeping Safe

Help from ChildLine


You can ring Childline on 0800 1111 where you can speak to someone in private and the number will not show up on your phone bill. Childline is managed by the NSPCC and is there to help you so please don't be afraid to make the call.


The Childline website also offers excellent help and advice on a whole range of issues, for example bullying.




The internet can be great fun. You can chat to your friends, play games and learn about new things. But sometimes things happen which can make you upset. People may say mean things which make you feel sad, or you may see something that you don’t like.


If this happens, you must remember it’s not your fault.

  • TELL AN ADULT YOU TRUST if you are upset or worried
  • If you feel in danger phone 999 to speak to the police.
  • Call CHILDLINE on 0800 1111
  • Report it to CEOP


You can phone Childline free on 0800 1111 and the number won’t appear on the phone bill

Keeping Children Safe


Part of our role at school is to help keep our children safe.  This area of the website is designed to offer parents and families advice and guidance on a range of issues.


If you would like more guidance or advice about keeping children safe, you should always come and see us to talk about it.


In our school, the following people are responsible for ensuring that statutory safeguarding procedures are followed, in order to keep children safe:


Designated Safeguarding Lead:  Ms C Taylor (Headteacher)

Back-Up Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mr J Thackway (Deputy Headteacher)


Also, the following staff members are trained by the Local Authority to support the DSL:


Mrs R Harmer, Inclusion Manager

Mrs T Pitchford, School Business Manager

Mrs L Sutton, Pastoral Manager



Please find below a link recommended by the DfE which offers supportive advice and guidance for parents:


Parent Info | From NCA-CEOP and The Parent Zone

Other agencies who can offer support

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