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Breakfast Club

Our Breakfast Club is running from 4th September 2022.


This needs to be booked and paid for in advance - please contact Mrs Pitchford in the School Office.





Our Breakfast Club has gone from strength to strength and as a result it is now only available on a pre-booking basis:


  • Open from 8.15am
  • Children must be signed in by an adult
  • Cost is £2 per child (and £1 per additional sibling) – includes food and childcare
  • Cost is subsidised to £1 for children of families entitled to benefit-related free school meals
  • Must be booked and paid for in advance


We are able to offer such affordable rates because our Breakfast Club is partially sponsored by Greggs Foundation and also through our Pupil Premium.

The Breakfast Club is run by school staff, led by Mrs Oak.


Places at Breakfast Club can be pre-booked through the School Office. 


A range of breakfast dishes are served, including cereals, smoothies, toast and sometimes there's even a hot option!


For more information, please see the School Office.

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