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Celebration Assembly by Zoom!

We have had a very special Celebration Assembly today where all the classes joined us by Zoom to celebrate our new Head Pupils and Captains.

Although the role will be different because of the need to stick to bubbles, we still think it is important to give our Year 6 the opportunity to seek responsibilities and to be able to contribute to the running of school.

So, well done to all of the following pupils and we look forward to listening to your views and ideas about how we continue to reflect and improve on making our school an even better place to learn and play!

Head Pupils:  Kaci & Brian

Deputy Head Pupils: Olivia & Logan

Sports Captains: Nikodem & Kieran

Head Librarians: Alexi and Alec

House Captains:  David S, Evie, Elisha, Lewis, Rahma, Lily, Annabelle


We have more Stars this week too!  Welcome back everybody and a special well done to the following pupils:

Year 6: Goncalo & Alec

Year 5: Jacqueline & Alise

Year 4: Emily & Tayla

Year 3: Thomas & Aiden

Year 1: Lujain & Dawid

Reception: Jessica

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