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Barring any more last minute directions from the Department of Education, our school will be OPEN on Monday 4th January as planned.  This is because our risk assessment says it is safe to do so.


However, as you know there is a new faster spreading variant of the virus and we are now in Tier 4 with greater restrictions.


I am therefore asking parents to do the following to try to keep bubbles safe in school:

  • Wear a face covering if possible– mask or visor– on school premises during drop off and collection
  • Stay 2m away from other family groups – do NOT gather to chat outside the school gates.  Also, do not gather early – please stick to your allocated drop off and pick up times
  • be vigilant of possible symptoms of Covid 19 within your family bubble – if you might have been in close contact with someone who has the virus over the holidays, then STAY AT HOME ON MONDAY AND CALL US FOR ADVICE.  Do not risk infecting your child’s class bubble without checking with us first.
  • Also, please contact school to double-check periods of self-isolation if any of your bubble tested positive over the Christmas holidays



Although we intend to stay open as long as it is safe to do so, please continue to check your email and/or Showbie accounts along with our Facebook page and school website.  We will be checking eligibility of keyworkers this week in case primary schools are directed to close by the government in the near future.  We continue to work with the support of Lancashire Local Authority, who are monitoring the ‘r’ rate in our localities and liaising with schools and with the government on behalf of schools. 


At this point I want to thank all our school staff for their continued commitment to supporting our pupils and families by enabling our school to stay open.

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