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Stars and Players' Players - week ending 11 Dec 2020:

We have had a great week in school – attendance has been fantastic so thank you to all parents and children.  Next week is our last week – full of Christmas parties, Christmas Dinners and preparing our play performances.

Remember the dates are on our website and in a previous Facebook post – attached again here for you.

We begin next week with Year 2 and Year 4 Christmas parties on Monday – so it’s own clothes for those year groups.

Some superb learning and behaviour in school this week – it is really difficult for teachers and children to choose just one Star and Players’ Player! 😊

This week’s Stars and Players’ Players are:

Year 6: Isa & Finlay

Year 5: Riley & Luke

Year 4: Tayla &  Lacey

Year 3: Eden & Layla

Year 2: Sorcha & Kobi

Year 1: Amani & Alejandro

Reception: Leia

Well done to Emilia, Elara, Loki, Darcy, Musa & Amani in Year 1 for earning Reading Egg Certificates – brilliant reading at home!


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