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Stars and Players' Players - week ending 27 Nov 2020

This week’s Stars and Players’ Players are:

Year 6: Declan & Jakub

Year 5: Ivan & Milena

Year 4: Kessy & Amelia

Year 3: Kairo & Emily A

Year 2: Raya 

Year 1: Darcey & Reilly

Reception: Maryam


Congratulations everyone – you all have a badge to keep and wear as recognition of their award. 


Well done to all the following children too!  Lots of these children are regularly going on Showbie and practising their reading at home. 


Reading Awards in Year 3 - congratulations to the following children:

Julia, Ethan H, Ethan C, Eden, Ruby, Jared & Erin.


Year 3 have also earned a badge from reading books on the Epic website so well done!


In Year 1, Emma is the first winner of a Silver Badge on the Reading Eggs website!

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